CGAL Manuals

CGAL manuals are available in HTML format for online browsing, and in PDF and in HTML for download.

User and Reference Manual It is the main manual for CGAL, and it is structured into parts corresponding to the different domains of computational geometry. It is available online and you can download it from the INRIA Gforge. Online Version html.tar.gz Version
Installation Guide It deals with choosing the compiler, setting options, selecting and configuring third party libraries. It is available online and part of the tarball. Online Version
Developer Manual It is intended for developers of new CGAL data structures and algorithms. Its primary usage is internal, but it might help users to understand CGAL better, and to also write generic code. That manual is a chapter of the CGAL manual since CGAL 4.4. Online Version


Further useful information can be found on the Tutorials page.

Manuals for Older Versions of CGAL

You can find the online versions of CGAL Release X.Y (with 3.1 ≤ X.Y ≤ 4.1) at, where you replace X.Y with the version number you search for.

For release starting at 4.2, visit

For even older version, you can get tarballs of the documentation at the old_releases page.

They are also available for download from the Download Page.

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