Supported Platforms

The following platforms are supported as of Release 4.4:

compiler operating system
GNU g++  3.4 - 4.8 Linux / MacOS X 10.3+ / Solaris 2.6+
XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (with Cygwin)
MS Visual C++  9.0 (2008), 10.0 (2010), 11.0 (2012), 12.0 (2013) Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Intel Compiler 14.0 Linux
Apple versions of the Clang compiler versions 3.2, and 5.1. MacOS X 11.4+

If your platform/compiler is not on this list, this does not necessarily imply that CGAL does not work on your system. Note: 64-bit variants of these platforms are also supported. The Installation Guide that will guide you through the installation process is part of the distribution.

Visual C++ related issues

Choosing the Runtime Library

Do not mix static and dynamic versions of the run-time libraries (CRT), and make sure that all static and dynamic link libraries are built with the same version of the CRT. More than one copy of the run-time libraries in a process can cause problems, because static data in one copy is not shared with the other copy. The linker prevents you from linking with both static and dynamic versions within one .exe file, but you can still end up with two (or more) copies of the run-time libraries. For example, a dynamic-link library linked with the static (non-DLL) versions of the run-time libraries can cause problems when used with an .exe file that was linked with the dynamic (DLL) version of the run-time libraries. (You should also avoid mixing the debug and non-debug versions of the libraries in one process because the debug version might have different definition of objects, as is the case of the STL containers and iterators, in VC8 and later.)

In the IDE, go to Project-> ... properties->C/C++->Code Generation and select in "Runtime Library".

Automatic Library Selection

To prevent mixing different run-time libraries, starting from CGAL version 3.3, boost-style automatic library selection (auto-linking) is used for CGAL, CGAL_Qt, CGAL_Qt4, CGAL_Core, and CGAL_ImageIO. This feature allows you to choose any build configuration for your application without worrying to have a matching precompiled .lib to link against.

Auto-linking works by encoding the compiler+configuration in the library filename and using #pragma to link the file automatically.

Run-Time Type Information

You must enable run-time type information. In the IDE, go to Project-> ... properties->C/C++->Language. In makefiles add the /GR compiler option.


There are no specific problems using MFC and CGAL version.


Currently some of the CGAL demos work with Qt3, others with Qt4.

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