CGAL How-tos: Writing a CGAL Plugin for ParaView

CGAL How-tos: Writing a CGAL Plugin for ParaView

ParaView is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization software. Despite a large arrays of built-in tools, developers might wish to add new functionalities to ParaView, such as CGAL’s polygon mesh processing algorithms. For that purpose, ParaView uses a plugin system.

The CGAL Project has published a new Github repository, with all necessary code to build a plugin that can call CGAL’s Isotropic Remeshing algorithm directly within ParaView. Furthermore, a step-by-step description of the development of this plugin is available in the of the repository, which can be used as an already-functional basis from which you can easily develop your own CGAL plugins for ParaView.

Running CGAL's isotropic remeshing on the bull mesh, directly from ParaView.

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