CGAL 5.5 released


CGAL 5.5 released

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CGAL-5.5 documentation

CGAL 5.5 offers the following improvements and new functionality over CGAL 5.4:


3D Alpha Wrapping (new package)

  • This component takes a 3D triangle mesh, soup, or point set as input, and generates a valid (watertight, intersection-free, and combinatorially 2-manifold) surface triangle mesh that contains the input. The algorithm proceeds by shrink-wrapping and refining a 3D Delaunay triangulation, starting from a loose bounding box of the input. Two user-defined parameters, alpha and offset, offer control over the maximum size of cavities where the shrink-wrapping process can enter, and the tightness of the final surface mesh to the input, respectively. Once combined, these parameters provide a means to trade fidelity to the input for complexity of the output.

    See also the announcement page.

2D Straight Skeleton and Polygon Offsetting (breaking change)

3D Convex Hulls

2D Polygons

  • Add vertex, edge, and hole ranges.
  • The concept GeneralPolygonWithHoles_2 now requires the nested type Polygon_2 instead of General_polygon_2.

2D Regularized Boolean Set-Operations

  • The concept GeneralPolygonSetTraits_2 now requires the nested type Construct_polygon_with_holes_2 instead of Construct_general_polygon_with_holes_2.

Combinatorial Maps

  • Removed old code deprecated in CGAL 4.9 and 4.10 (global functions, and information associated with darts).

2D Arrangements

  • Fixed the intersect_2, compare_y_at_x_right, and compare_y_at_x_left function objects of the traits class template Arr_geodesic_arc_on_sphere_traits_2 that handles geodesic arcs on sphere and applied a small syntactical fix to the tracing traits.

Tetrahedral Mesh Generation

Polygon Mesh Processing

Surface Mesh Simplification

Point Set Processing

  • A new optional named parameter, min_points_per_cell has been added to grid_simplify_point_set(). By adding a minimal number of points in a cell such that a point is retained, one can also filter out low density areas and outliers: in the case of densely sampled point clouds, this yields better results than using grid simplification and then outlier removal, while being very vast. The default value is 1 to keep the previous behavior as default.

dD Spatial Searching

  • Added the member function write_graphviz() to the class Kd_tree that writes the tree in a stream in the Graphviz format.

CGAL and the Boost Graph Library (BGL)

  • Added the function invert_selection() in the class Face_filtered_graph, which toggles the selected status of a graph: selected faces are deselected, and unselected faces are selected.