CGAL People

CGAL is developed via a collaborative effort from a community of developers working at research institutes, universities and companies. See the web page on partners and funding sources for details. This community includes the CGAL Editorial Board, which is responsible for guiding the development of the library, developers, and the user community. To become part of our community, please check how to get involved.

CGAL Editorial Board

Current Developers

Together with members of the editorial board, the following people are currently participating to the development of CGAL and are responsible for the maintenance of the code base:


Together with members of the editorial board and developers, the following people have provided reviews of CGAL Packages:

CGAL Alumni

Others who have been instrumental in the development of CGAL include former developers and editors:

  • Matthias Bäsken
  • Hervé Brönnimann
  • Manuel Caroli
  • Raphaëlle Chaine
  • Tran Kai Frank Da
  • Christophe Delage
  • Katrin Dobrindt
  • Pavel Emeliyanenko
  • Eti Ezra
  • Kaspar Fischer
  • Eyal Flato
  • Julia Flötotto
  • Wolfgang Freiseisen
  • Ben Galehouse
  • Geert-Jan Giezeman
  • Philippe Guigue
  • Peter Hachenberger
  • Iddo Hanniel
  • Idit Haran
  • Sariel Har-Peled
  • Thomas Herrmann
  • Susan Hert (former editor)
  • Shai Hirsch
  • Lutz Kettner (former chair)
  • Nico Kruithof
  • Eran Leiserowitz
  • Bruno Levy
  • Sebastian Limbach
  • Eugene Lipovetsky
  • Abdelkrim Mebarki
  • Naceur Meskini
  • Naama Mayer
  • Andreas Meyer
  • Michal Meyerovitch
  • Oren Nechushtan
  • Gabriele Neyer
  • Steve Oudot
  • Eli Packer
  • Dmitrii Pasechnik
  • Sylvain Pion (former chair)
  • Roza Pogalnikova
  • Asaf Porat
  • Sigal Raab
  • François Rebufat
  • Niv Sabath
  • Laurent Saboret
  • Nader Salman
  • Stefan Schirra
  • Sven Schönherr
  • Michael Seel
  • Le-Jeng Shiue
  • Johannes Singler
  • Hans Tangelder
  • Stéphane Tayeb
  • Alex Tsui
  • Radu Ursu
  • Carl Van Geem
  • Remco Veltkamp (former editor)
  • Ron Wein (former editor)
  • Wieger Wesselink
  • Frans Wessendorp
  • Patrick Wenzlaff
  • Camille Wormser
  • Ilker O. Yaz
  • Mariette Yvinec (former editor)
  • Afra Zomorodian
  • Baruch Zukerman
  • Guy Zucker
  • Tali Zvi

Consortium Board Members

Some of the CGAL and GALIA (European Research) Projects' board members continue to provide important input on the development of the library.

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