CGAL 2.1

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CGAL 2.1

Version 2.1 differs from version 2.0 in the platforms that are supported and in functionality.

Supported platforms:

  • the newest gnu compiler (2.95.2) on Sun, SGI, Linux and Windows.
  • the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, version 6.
  • the mips CC compiler version 7.3 under Irix.
Support for the old g++ compiler (2.8) and for mips CC 7.2 has been dropped.

The following functionality has been added:
  • Alpha shapes and weighted alpha shapes in 2D. Alpha shapes are a generalization of the convex hull of a point set.
  • Arrangements in 2D. Arrangements are related to and based on planar maps. The major difference between the two is that curves are allowed to intersect in the case of arrangements.
  • Extensions to triangulations in 2D. Constrained triangulations are now dynamic: they support insertions of new constraint as well as removal of existing constraints. There are also constrained Delaunay triangulations.
  • Triangulations in 3D were added, both Delaunay triangulations and regular triangulations.
  • Min_quadrilateral optimisations have been added. These are algorithms to compute the minimum enclosing rectangle/parallelogram (arbitrary orientation) and the minimum enclosing strip of a convex point set.
  • 2d Point_set is a package for 2d range search operations, Delaunay triangulation, nearest neighbor queries. This package works only if LEDA is installed.
  • Support for GeoWin visualization library. This also depends on LEDA.
  • Support for using the CLN number type together with CGAL.