CGAL 3.0.1 released


CGAL 3.0.1 released

Download CGAL-3.0.1

This is a bug-fix release. No new features have been added in 3.0.1. Here is the list of bug-fixes:


Polyhedral Surface

  • Fixed wrong include files for output support. Added example.


  • Fixed the so called “Walk-along-a-line” point-location strategy to correctly handle a degenerate case.

2D Triangulation

  • added missing figure in html doc.
  • in Line_face_circulator_2.h: Fixed changes made to support handles with a typedef to iterator. The fix concerns operator== and !=.


  • Fixed classify member function for edges.

Number types

  • Lazy_exact_nt:
    • added the possibility to select the relative precision of to_double() (by default 1e-5). This should fix reports that some circumcenters computations have poor coordinates, e.g. nan).
    • when exact computation is triggered, the interval is recomputed, this should speed up some kinds of computations.
  • to_interval(Quotient<MP_Float>): avoid spurious overflows.


  • missing acknowledgment in the manual and minor clarification of intersection() documentation.