CGAL 3.3.1 released


CGAL 3.3.1 released

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This is a bug fix release for CGAL 3.3.


Skin Surface Meshing (new package)

  • The new Skin Surface Meshing package had been forgotten in the list of changes and the release announcement of CGAL 3.3: This package allows to build a triangular mesh of a skin surface. Skin surfaces are used for modeling large molecules in biological computing.


  • Intel C++ 9 was wrongly recognized as unsupported by install_cgal.
  • Added autolink (for Visual C++) for the CGALImageIO and CGALPDB libraries.
  • Fixed bug in Memory_sizer when using more than 4GB of memory (64bit).

Number Types

  • Fixed bug in FPU rounding mode macros (affected only the alpha architecture).
  • Fixed bug in MP_Float constructor from double for some particular values.
  • Fixed bug in to_double(Lazy_exact_nt) sometimes returning NaN.


  • Fixed forgotten derivation in Circular_kernel_2::Has_on_2.
  • Added some missing functions in Bbox_3 compared to Bbox_2.


  • Fixed a bug in the Arrangement_2 package in dual arrangement representation for Boost graphs when reporting all halfedges of a face.
  • Fixed a bug in the Arrangement sweep-line when using a specific polyline configuration.
  • Fixed bug in Arrangement_2 in walk along a line point location for unbounded curves.
  • Fixed bug in aggregated insertion to Arrangement_2.
  • Fixed bug in Arrangment_2 class when inserting an unbounded curve from an existing vertex.
  • Fixed bug when dealing with a degenerate conic arc in Arr_conic_traits_2 of the Arrangment package, meaning a line segment which is part of a degenerate parabola/hyperbola.
  • Fixed bug in the Bezier traits-class: properly handle line segments. properly handle comparison near a vertical tangency.

2D Polygon

  • Fixed bug in degenerate case of Polygon_2::is_convex() for equal points.

2D Triangulations

  • Fixed bug in Regular_triangulation_2.

3D Triangulations

  • Added a circumcenter() function in the default Cell type parameter Triangulation_ds_cell_base_3, so that the dual() member function of Delaunay still work as before, without requiring the explicit use of Triangulation_cell_base.
  • Added missing operator->() to Facet_circulator.


  • Fixed bug in Interpolation 3D about the normalization coefficient initialization.

3D Boolean Operations on Nef Polyhedra

  • Fixed bug in construction of Nef_polyhedron_3 from off-file. Now, always the inner volume is selected.
  • Fixed bug in conversion from Nef_polyhedron_3 to Polyhedron_3. Polyhedron_3 was not cleared at the beginning.
  • Fixed bug in Nef_polyhedron_3 in update of indexes for construction of external structure.

Third Party Libraries Shipped with CGAL

  • TAUCS supports now 64 bits platforms.
  • CAUTION: Since version 3.3.1, CGAL is no longer compatible with the official release of TAUCS (currently 2.2). Make sure to use the version modified by the CGAL project and available from the download section of