CGAL 3.5.1

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CGAL 3.5.1

This is a bug fix release.


  • Fixes in the documentation (the online documentation of CGAL-3.5 is now based on CGAL-3.5.1).
  • Fixes to the bibliographic references.

Windows installer

  • The Windows installer of CGAL-3.5.1 fixes an issue with downloading of precompiled binaries of the external library TAUCS.

Bug fixes in the following CGAL packages

AABB tree

  • Fix a linker issue in do_intersect(Bbox_3,Bbox_3).
  • Fix compilation issue in do_intersect(Bbox_3,Ray_3) when using the parameters in this order.

3D Mesh Generation

  • Fix a bug in initial points construction of a polyhedral surface.