CGAL 3.6.1 released


CGAL 3.6.1 released

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CGAL-3.6.1 documentation

This is a bug fix release. The following has been changed since CGAL 3.6:



  • Fix compilation errors with recent Boost versions (since 1.40).
  • Initial support for the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler 10.0 (MSVC 2010). For that support, CMake>=2.8.2 is required. Note also that the compiler option “/bigobj” is necessary to compile some CGAL programs with MSVC 2010.


  • Fix compilation errors with the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler and the Intel C++ compiler.


  • Fix a compilation errors in demo/Polyhedron/:
  • issue with the location of qglobal.h of Qt4 on MacOS X,
  • missing texture.cpp, if TAUCS is used,
  • Fix the location of built plugins of demo/Polyhedron/, when CGAL is configured with WITH_demos=ON

3D Periodic Triangulations

  • Fixed bug in the triangulation hierarchy for periodic triangulations.

2D Mesh Generation

  • Fixed a bug that lead to precondition violation.
  • Improve the user manual about the member function is_in_domain() of the Face type.
  • The 2D meshing process is now deterministic (sorting of bad faces no longer relies on pointers comparisons).

3D Mesh Generation

  • Fix a linking errors (duplicate symbols) when <CGAL/refine_mesh_3.h> is included in different compilation units.

Spatial Searching

  • Fix a bug in <CGAL/Orthogonal_k_neighbor_search.h> when several nearest neighbors are at the same distance from the query point.

IO Streams

  • Fix a bug in <CGAL/IO/VRML_2_ostream.h> that generated VRML 2 files with an invalid syntax for IndexedFaceSet nodes.


  • Added missing Compare_distance_2 functor in trait classes Triangulation_euclidean_traits_xy_3 Triangulation_euclidean_traits_yz_3 and Triangulation_euclidean_traits_xz_3. This was preventing calling member function nearest_vertex of Delaunay_triangulation_2 instantiated with one of these traits.