Polygon Mesh Processing

Polygon Mesh Processing

Ilker O. Yaz, Sebastien Loriot, and Jane Tournois


This package implements a collection of methods and classes for polygon mesh processing, ranging from basic operations on simplices, to complex geometry processing algorithms. The implementation of this package mainly follows algorithms and references given in Botsch et al.'s book on polygon mesh processing [1]

The package will offer refining and fairing on a surface mesh, hole filling, self-intersection and orientation tests, slicing a surface mesh, and identifying its connected components.

Status: In preparation for submission to the Editorial Board and targeted for CGAL 4.7, Autumn 2015


[1] M. Botsch, L. Kobbelt, M. Pauly, P. Alliez, and B. Lévy. Polygon mesh processing. CRC press, 2010.