A New CGAL Homepage


A New CGAL Homepage

Already back in 2011, we tried to upgrade the CGAL website to newer technology.

As the reactions were devastating ("No advertisements please", "And what if I am even to shy to sign up on Parship?"), we decided to roll back.

Since then, more and more people reported that they had a hard time with our site on their tablet or smartphone. We thought that it is time for a fresh start using jekyll and bootstrap to offer a site with responsive web design.

Besides responsiveness, we thought it is time to get a slightly cooler look: A large image on the home page, something between airbnb and Abercrombie&Fitch.

What our users do, most often has a higher coolness factor than a geometric algorithm with O(n log log n) amortized runtime complexity. We identified and contacted some users, who were willing to provide us with images and testimonials. We today start our series of User Portraits with SpaceX. Stay tuned, even if you think that SpaceX will be hard to beat.