CGAL 5.2 beta1 released


CGAL 5.2 beta1 released

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CGAL-5.2-beta1 documentation

CGAL 5.2 offers the following improvements and new functionality over CGAL 5.1:


dD Geometry Kernel

CGAL and the Boost Graph Library (BGL)

3D Fast Intersection and Distance Computation (AABB Tree)

  • Added the move constructor and the assignment operator to the AABB Tree class.

2D Arrangements

  • Replaced the use of legacy CGAL::Object to modern boost::variant.
  • Changed make-x-monotone return type from legacy CGAL::Object to boost::variant in all traits concepts and models. As there exists an implicit conversion from boost::variant to CGAL::Object, the new code is backward compatible. However, it is recommended that all calls to the make-x-monotone functions are fixed to use the new return type.
  • Changed decompose() interface to use boost::variant instead of legacy CGAL::Object As explained above, the code is backward compatible. However, it is recommended that all calls to decompose() are fixed to use the new interface.

Surface Mesh

Polygon Mesh Processing

Surface Mesh Parameterization

  • Added a new parameterization method, Iterative Authalic Parameterization. It is based on the work of Jain, Hardik, Manuel Wollhaf, and Olaf Hellwich, “Learning to Reconstruct Symmetric Shapes using Planar Parameterization of 3D Surface.” (IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops, 2019).


Point Set Processing

3D Convex Hulls

3D Triangulations