New CGAL releases


New CGAL releases

The CGAL Open Source Project is pleased to announce today three new releases:

  • CGAL-4.13.2 is the second (and last) bug-fix release for CGAL-4.13,
  • CGAL-4.14.1 is the first bug-fix release for CGAL-4.14,
  • and CGAL-5.0-beta1 is the first beta release for CGAL-5.0.

CGAL 5.0 is the first release of CGAL that requires a C++ compiler with the support of C++14 or later. The new list of supported compilers is:

  • Visual C++ 14.0 (from Visual Studio 2015 Update 3) or later,
  • Gnu g++ 6.3 or later (on Linux or MacOS),
  • LLVM Clang version 8.0 or later (on Linux or MacOS), and
  • Apple Clang compiler versions 7.0.2 and 10.0.1 (on MacOS).

Users with environments that do not allow the use of C++14 must use CGAL-4.14 and its bug-fix releases.