CGAL User Portrait: Clubhouse


CGAL User Portrait: Clubhouse

You probably wouldn't have imagined that Alpha Exploration, which runs Clubhouse, is a user of CGAL. You can learn all about how Alpha Exploration and other companies use it in our Clubhouse room "Geometry meets Industry".

The Room

This room is hosted by and we have invited a handful of industrial CGAL users. We do not have CEOs as guests, but a lineup of six VPs of Engineering who are dealing with geometric computing on an every day basis. They work in the application areas of autonomous cars, animation, health care, defense, web mapping, and social networks. You will be amazed.

"Geometry without images?!" you may think, but you will understand quickly that to see is not always that important. Lean back, close your eyes, and imagine a triangle...

Rohan Seth, CTO of Alpha Exploration

In case you are already a Clubhouse Member just join us on Sunday 18th of April at 6:00pm Paris time.

Talk Your Way Past the Bouncer

In case you are not a member, nothing is lost yet. As a host, has a quota of hundred invitations to hand out, twenty of them with an open mic, that is you get the chance to raise hand and interact with our guests.

To apply, please drop a mail at, and let us know if you want to listen or speak. Don't send us your CV, but also more than just your email address - after all we have to make a choice. What are your achievements? What burning question do you have? Or whatever you can imagine to convince us to pick you. We will strive for a mixed audience, and only for those of you who want to speak, we will organize a short interview to hear if you really come across.


Concerning the personal information you share with, we respect the European GDPR Regulations. This may or may not be the case when you register in Clubhouse, once you get chosen.

This April joke came with a gallery.