Projects Using CGAL


This page gathers links to external projects using CGAL. If you are aware of such other projects, we would appreciate if you could send us the corresponding information (name, URL, authors, company/university, category, used CGAL packages).

GeometryFactory also maintains an (incomplete) list of commercial customers of CGAL.

The list of projects using CGAL is ordered along the following categories (in alphabetical order)

Let us also mention Interfaces of CGAL in other languages and platforms and CGAL download statistics.


Architecture, Buildings Modeling, Urban Modeling


Computational Geometry and Geometric Computing

Computer Graphics

Computational Topology and Shape Matching

Computer Vision, Image Processing, Photogrammetry

Games, Virtual Worlds

Geology and Geophysics

Geographic Information Systems

Geometry Processing


Medical Modeling and Biophysics

Mesh Generation and Surface Reconstruction

2D and 3D Modelers

Molecular Modeling

Motion Planning


Particle Physics, Materials, Nanostructures, Microstructures, Fluid Dynamics

Peer-to-Peer Virtual Environment

Sensor Networks

Interfaces of CGAL in other languages and platforms