CGAL 3.2.1 released


CGAL 3.2.1 released

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This is a bug fix release for CGAL 3.2.


Number Types

  • Fixed MP_Float constructor which crashed for some values.


  • Renamed Bool to avoid a clash with a macro in X11 headers.


  • Derived the Arr_segment_traits_2 Arrangement_2 traits class from the parameterized Kernel. This allows the use of this traits class in an extended range of applications that require kernel objects and operations on these objects beyond the ones required by the Arrangement_2 class itself.
  • Fixed a compilation bug in the code that handles overlay of arrangements instantiated with different DCEL classes.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the implementation of the Trapezoidal RIC point-location strategy.

Triangulation, Alpha Shapes

  • Qualify calls to filter_iterator with CGAL:: to avoid overload ambiguities with Boost’s filter_iterator.

Surface Mesher

  • Fixed a bug in iterators of the class template Surface_mesh_complex_2_in_triangulation_3.

Surface Mesh Parametrisation

  • Updated the precompiled taucs lib.

Kinetic Data Structures

  • Fixed problems caused by old versions of gcc being confused by operator! and operator int().
  • Added point removal support to the Active_objects_vector.