CGAL 4.0.1 released


CGAL 4.0.1 released

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CGAL-4.0.1 documentation

This is a bug fix release. Apart various minor fixes in the documentation, the following has been changed since CGAL 4.0:


2D Voronoi Diagram Adaptor (re-added)

  • The package 2D Voronoi Diagram Adaptor was temporarily removed from the CGAL distribution because of license issues. That package is now back into CGAL.

2D and 3D Geometry Kernel

  • Fixed a bug in the Segment_3-Triangle_3 intersection function in the case the segment is collinear with a triangle edge.
  • Fixed a bug in the Projection_traits_.._3 class in the case a segment was parallel to the x-axis.

Algebraic Kernel

  • Avoid the linking error “duplicate symbols” when two compilation units using the algebraic kernel are linked.

3D Boolean Operations on Nef Polygons Embedded on the Sphere

  • Fixed a memory leak due to the usage of an internal mechanism that has been replaced by boost::any. This also influences the packages 2D Boolean Operations on Nef Polygons, 3D Boolean Operations on Nef Polyhedra, Convex Decomposition of Polyhedra, and 3D Minkowski Sum of Polyhedra.

2D Arrangement

  • Fixed several memory leaks.

2D Mesh Generation

  • Fixed a compilation error in the header <CGAL/Mesh_2/Do_not_refine_edges.h> when g++ version 4.7 is used.

Surface Mesh Generation and 3D Mesh Generation

  • Fixed an important bug in the CGAL_ImageIO library, that could lead to wrong result when meshing from a 3D image.
  • Fixed the compilation of the demo in demo/Surface_mesher, when Boost version 1.48 or 1.49 is used.

Surface Mesh Parameterization

  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Eigen-3.1 of Eigen_solver_traits. This fix also affects the usage of that class in the package Surface Reconstruction from Point Sets.