You have an implementation of a geometric algorithm that you would like to contribute? You want us to implement an algorithm that you learned about in the technical paper sessions? You want to know more about the open source and the commercial licensing options for CGAL? You want to present the problem you have to solve, in order to figure out if CGAL might be helpful for you.

Visit the CGAL Project on Booth No. 667 at the exhibition of SIGGRAPH 2016, Los Angeles USA, 24-28 Jul 2016.

We also offer an 1.5h course on Tuesday 26 July, 9-10:30 am.

The goal of the course is not so much to present all algorithms, but more to show how they can be adapted to user needs.

We explain “property maps” and an extension of the BGL “Graph” concepts, which enables users, to run, for example, a CGAL mesh segmentation algorithm directly on a mesh of OpenMesh, without converting it to a mesh of CGAL.